Viktor Szeri (born 1993) is an independent performer and choreographer based in Budapest. In his multidisciplinary pieces, the interplay of different (performing) art forms and visual solutions can be observed. His spontaneous and improvisational creative processes are usually motivated by a desire to express a mood or a feeling. Yet, dance always plays a crucial role in his work: for him, it is a language through which the imperfect, transient and vulnerable human body can break free of the constraints of social norms. His performances are visceral: blurring the boundaries between the stage and the auditorium, they invite us into intimate realities where the audience has an active role. The ideology and complexity of conventional art spaces, such as theatres and galleries, are as much a source of interest as the potential in public spaces, off-sites, and abandoned buildings.

He always looks for new solutions, often in collaborations. In 2018, he founded the artist group Hollow with Tamás Páll and Gyula Muskovics, with whom he has worked regularly ever since. In their immersive installations and performances choreography and dance are combined with poetry, new media art, and role-playing to create "world prototypes" where the dominant systems of consensual reality can be questioned or modified.

He received a BA in Choreography at the Budapest Contemporary Dance School, and an MA in Media Design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. Recently, he has been awarded several scholarships and residencies in Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Istanbul, Warsaw, Tbilisi, and Minsk. His individual works and collaborations have been presented in Budapest at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, MU Theatre, DunaPart - Platform for Contemporary Performing Arts, art quarter budapest, Studio of Young Artists' Association, Placcc Dance, as well as MeetFactory (Prague), Y Events, Divadlo X10 (Prague), House of Arts (Brno), Donaufestival (Krems), Art Cologne (Cologne), Montag Modus (Berlin), radialsystem (Berlin), and Open Space - Centre for Visual and Performing Arts (Tbilisi). 

His piece ‘Fatigue’ was awarded the Rudolf Lábán Prize for the best contemporary dance performance in 2022.

Since 2020, he has been the main organizer of the Under500 interdisciplinary performing arts festival in Budapest Festival.