How is a system structured and by what means does it sustain itself? What happens if it crosses something strange to it? The performance examines these issues starting from the large structures that frame our daily lives to micro-systems such as the interconnection of two qualities of movement in a choreography. Construction and demolition acts succeed each other, idolatry and image destruction, borders fall to elements and become palpable. But is it the demolition of the walls or just the continuous relocation of the frames? And does it really give space, or is it just the beginning for new barriers doomed to demolish?

Creator: Viktor Szeri Performers: Gergő Dávid Farkas, Adél Juhász, Imre Vass, Júlia Vavra Music: András Molnár Light: Kata Dézsi Costume: Csenge Vass Production partner: Katlan Group Co-production partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts Sponsors: Staféta, Füge Produkció, Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata, EMMI, NKA, Sín Kulturális Központ, Katlan Csoport The production took place within the framework of the Staféta Program established and supported by the Municipality of Budapest, with the additional support of the Ministry of Human Capacities.